#WestMichiganWednesdays is a video series we do to highlight local businesses and communities around West Michigan to help others learn a little bit more about them.

If you own a local business and would like to be featured on a future episode of #WestMichiganWednesdays or have any recommendations of businesses or community organizations you would like to see featured, feel free to contact me.

West Michigan Wednesdays | Waverly Stone Gastropub
West Michigan Wednesdays | The Poppy Peach
West Michigan Wednesdays | At Home Realty
West Michigan Wednesdays | Eagle Eye Performance Vision
West Michigan Wednesdays | deBoer Bakkerij
West Michigan Wednesdays | New Holland Brewery
West Michigan Wednesdays | Holland Museum
#West Michigan Wednesdays, Season 2, Episode 2 - La Creme
#WestMichiganWednesdays Season 2, Episode 1 - Holland Eats
Season 2 of #WestMichiganWednesdays is finally here! We are kicking off the first episode of the season with a company that is adding a huge convenience factor to our local food scene. Holland Eats is on a mission to make restaurant delivery more accessible in the Holland area through the delivery of all the great local foods you love! They have partnered with several of the most popular restaurants in the area including Beechwood Grill, Chick-fil-A Holland, Anna's House Holland, Chipotle Mexican Grill and
#WestMichiganWednesdays Season 2 is coming!
West Michigan Wednesdays is coming this February and it's going to be epic! We are looking forward to bringing you more tours of all of West Michigan's best spots! If you own a local West Michigan business or run a community organization and would like to be featured on a future episode, reach out!
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 29 - District 5 Schoolhouse
For this week's episode of #WestMichiganWednesdays, I met up with Sarah Lockwood, owner of District 5 Schoolhouse, to learn about this great event venue. They host a variety of different events, so whether you're looking for a wedding venue or a place to host your next family reunion, they can help. One of my favorite things about District 5 Schoolhouse is that it still has original features that make this event venue full of old school charm!
#WestMichiganWednesday Episode 28 - ABI Inspection Services
For this week's #WestMichiganWednesdays we caught up with Ryan Fogg, owner of ABI Inspection Services in Holland. Whether you are looking to buy a home and need to know more about the condition of the property or if you are looking to sell and want to know of any potential issues, a home inspection is an invaluable tool. Ryan and his team have a thorough understanding of the inner-workings of homes and are a great resource to those looking to buy or sell real estate.
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 27 - Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
Dena Crow, owner of Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, not only serves great frozen yogurt, she also serves up a great experience as well. As a former teacher, giving back to the community and serving others comes naturally to her. Whether serving customers at Menchie's Holland location or out at community or sporting events, Dena will be there with a smile ready to provide a wonderful customer experience. If you haven't been to Menchie's yet, you should make it a point to go there soon!
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 26 - The Civic Center
As many of you know, the Holland Civic Center has been undergoing a massive renovation and the project was recently completed. I had a great time hearing about the renovation and checking it out in person. A huge thanks goes to Mayor Nancy De Boer for sharing aspects of the renovation and the vision the city of Holland has for use of this Holland landmark. My favorite thing about the new Civic Center was how well they incorporated the old with the new.
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 25 - The Tin Roof Market
Wow, it's hard to believe our 25th episode is here! I love learning about the local businesses that make up our wonderful community and this week was no exception. The Tin Roof Market features items from 15+ local vendors. They offer a variety of unique home decor and personal items including handlettered signs, jewelry, clothing, accent furniture and so much more. As you can tell, there's something there for everyone!
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 24 - Blooper Reel
A special thanks to New Listing Media for this hilarious blooper reel from #WestMichiganWednesdays! It's always fun to look back and remember the places we have been as well as to see the many funny moments we have had while filming!
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 23 - Empire Pest Control
I'm so excited to be back with another episode of #WestMichiganWednesdays after a short hiatus. For this week's episode, I had a great time chatting with Terry from Empire Pest Control. Though I am a self-proclaimed insect-avoider, I found it very interesting to learn about what's involved in a pest inspection, plus a few tips for how to avoid creepy-crawlies at home!
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 22 - Simpatico Coffee
Like many of you, I love coffee! Knowing that it's locally roasted and tastes delicious makes it even better. This week on #WestMichiganWednesdays, I caught up with Aleah from Simpatico Coffee to learn all about this great local company. I loved hearing the story of how the business got started and how the company has now grown beyond just offering their amazing coffee in West Michigan, to selling it nationally as well! Published August 8, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 21 - Michigan Mortgage
This episode was a fun one for me to do as I enjoyed chatting with my friends from Michigan Mortgage Lakeshore about all of the amazing mortgage programs they have to offer! When it comes to mortgages these experts definitely know their stuff. Not only do they offer a full array of lending programs, but they also offer a five-star experience that I can personally attest to. If you are considering a move or have any lending needs, you'll want to reach out to them!
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 20 - Brew Merchant
I had so much fun learning more about Brew Merchant from owner @Christopher Alderink for this week's episode of #westmichiganwednesdays! Not only do they have a full bar and lounge area, but they also have Merchant Hall which offers rental space that can be used for anything from bridal showers to birthdays and everything in between! Published July 18, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 19 - Ecobuns
It was so fun to catch up with Marissa Berghorst, co-owner of EcoBuns Baby + Co. for this week's episode of #WestMichiganWednesdays! Ecobuns started off primarily selling cloth diapering supplies, but have expanded over the years to now offer a full array of baby and toddler toys, books, cloth diapers, blankets, accessories, nursing suppies and more! Published July 11, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 18 - Ardor + Grit
Ardor+Grit Salon and Lounge just opened last week in #washingtonsquare and brings together several amazing local hair stylists under the leadership of owner, Sarah Huff. For this week's episode of #westmichiganwednesdays it was such a joy to sit down with Sarah to learn about the vision she has for the salon and how opening the salon has been a dream come true for her. Ardor + Grit has a modern, bright design and offers a fun atmosphere for guests to enjoy while being pampered. Published June 27, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 17 - Midstate Title
This episode was a fun one for me to do! I had the opportunity to interview someone who I not only work with professionally, but who is also a good friend. Audrey Green shared a bit about what sets ATA Holland Midstate Title apart in the real estate title insurance world and about their involvement in our community. Published June 20, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 16 - The Oven Mitt Bakery
If you like delicious sweets, you'll definitely want to check out The Oven Mitt Bakery! On this week's episode of #WestMichiganWednesdays we caught up with Tracy Allen, owner of The Oven Mitt. Tracy and her team create a variety of mouthwatering baked goods each day including cookies, cakes, brownies, cruffins, cupcakes and more! Located in Baker Lofts, you can pick up ready made items or create a custom order that will make any occasion special. Published June 13, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 15 - Recap of where we've been!
Wow! It's hard to believe, but we've just completed our 15th episode of #WestMichiganWednesdays! It has been so fun to learn more about the local businesses and community organizations that make our community such a great place to live, work and raise a family! This week we thought we'd shake things up a bit and do a recap of the places we've visited so far. Published June 7, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 14 - The Porch
If you watch episodes of #fixerupper and dream of making your home look like Joanna Gaines designed it, then you should definitely check out The Porch! Not only will you find beautiful decor, but you also will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the owners enjoy helping you with your design needs, do custom upholstery, refinish furniture and even do floral arrangements! Published May 31, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 13 - Bill's Greenhouse
If you are like me, you are probably in garden mode full-swing! This week on #WestMichiganWednesdays we caught up with Cal Rietveld of Bill's Greenhouses to learn more about this family-owned business and to get expert advice that is sure to make your garden stand out! Published May 23, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 12 - Valeo / Training
This week on #WestMichiganWednesdays I was super pumped to learn more about Valeo / Training! Husband and wife duo Michael & Jessica Luepke offer personalized coaching to members in order to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Not only are these two great coaches and trainers, but they are valued community business leaders as well. Published May 16, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 11 - Crazy Horse Steakhouse and Saloon
We all think of fabulous food when we think of Crazy Horse Steakhouse and Saloon, but did you know they also support our community through ongoing fundraising efforts and donations? On this week's episode of #WestMichiganWednesdays we spoke with longtime employee Alicia about the many ways they support our community and of course we talked about the amazing food as well! Published May 9, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 10 - Tulip Time
Did you know that the Tulip Time Festival has a staff that works full-time all year long in order to facilitate this amazing local event? I had so much fun learning more about Tulip Time from Darlene K. Kuipers on this week's episode of #WestMichiganWednesdays! Published May 2, 2019
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 9 - Kids' Food Basket
On episode 9 of #WestMichiganWednesdays I had the awesome privilege of catching up with Kim Magoon of Kids' Food Basket to learn more about this amazing organization. I first heard of this local non-profit last year and am excited to share the work they are doing in our community with you! Published April 25, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 8 - Straight Line Design Kitchen and Bath Studio
On episode 8 of #WestMichiganWednesdays Julie VanderArk of Straight Line Design Kitchen and Bath Studio shared how they can help with any home design project whether big or small! They can also work with any budget. On this episode, not only will you get to hear about the amazing design services they offer, but you will also see some swoon worthy designs within their studio! Published April 18, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 7 - Saunders Family Bakery
This week on #WestMichiganWednesdays we learned about the Saunders Family Bakery in Holland! This hot new source for delicious sweet treats offers tons of dessert options including many #glutenfree and #vegan baked goods as well as a full-service coffee bar. ?? The gluten and vegan offerings were very exciting to learn about as my mother in law suffers from celiac disease and struggles to find bakery items that are safe to eat, don't cost a fortune, AND that actually taste good! Published April 11, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 6 - Purposed Press Media
This week on Episode 6 of #WestMichiganWednesdays the guys behind the camera were front and center as we chatted about their business, Purposed Press - Web Design and Media! David Jeffries and Jonathan Boes are incredibly talented media specialits who offer a variety of services inlcuding web design, branding, videography and much more! I have enjoyed collaborating with them on several projects for my business and am so excited to introduce them to you! Published April 4, 2018
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 5 - Square Play Cafe
On Episode 5 of #WestMichiganWednesdays I had so much fun learning more about Square Play Cafe from co-owner Stephanie Stein while my girls had an awesome time playing! Both a full-service coffee shop and a play place for kids, this innovative kid-friendly coffeeshop will leave you and your kiddos smiling.
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 4 - Meiste Homes
On Episode 4 of #WestMichiganWednesdays I had the opportunity to catch up with one of my favorite local designers, Abbey Harvard of Meiste Homes! Not only are Abbey's designs fresh, modern and on trend, but Meiste Homes offers a customizable experience during the homebuilding process here in West Michigan. Don't forget to check back at Heather Klompmaker Realtor later this week for a few bonus videos where Abbey shares her best tips for getting that designer look we all love on a BUDGET!
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 3 - Jean Marie's
On Episode 3 of #WestMichiganWednesdays we caught up with Jean Marie's owner Jennifer to learn about several exciting things "in store" for this awesome clothing boutique. Offering all of the latest fashion trends as well as classic looks, this shop is redefining the boutique clothes buying experience! If you own a West Michigan business or run a local community organization and would like to be featured on a future episode, reach out to me on FB @HeatherKlompmakerRealtor!
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 2 - The 205 Coffee Bar
mar 7 18If you like great coffee and trendy places to hang out, then you'll want to check out The 205 Coffee Bar in Holland. This coffee here tastes as cool as the shop looks!
#WestMichiganWednesdays Episode 1 - @Home Realty
Today #WestMichiganWednesdays officially launches with @HomeRealty as the first local business we are highlighting! If you own a West Michigan business or run a local community organization and would like to be featured on a future episode, reach out to me on FB @HeatherKlompmakerRealtor! Published February 28, 2018