West Michigan Wednesdays | La Creme

This newer restaurant is unlike anything else we have in the Holland/Zeeland area. Offering a delicious menu filled with unique eats and a chic atmosphere, you'll feel more like you are in Paris than West Michigan while there. Some of the menu highlights include stuffed crepes, gelato, macaroons, gourmet sodas, coffee sourced locally from Simpatico Coffee, quiche and more.

Here we caught up with owner Kim De Young to learn more about this fabulous restaurant and got a behind the scenes look. You will want to stay tuned until the end where she shares an exciting new adventure La Creme will be embarking on in the next few months.

We're sure by now you are ready to race into La Creme-- when you do ?????????????? ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ???????? ???????? #???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????? ?????????????? ????% ?????? ???????? ???????? ??????????!

If you own a local business or run a community organization (or know of one you'd like to see featured) reach out and I'd love to chat!

Check back each Wedneday for a new episode of West Michigan Wednedays...until then, au revoir!

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