Things people tell you to do in a real estate transaction that you should never do!

You know what people love to give? Advice. Good or bad, when it comes to real estate home buyers are given lots of advice—much of which you shouldn’t follow! Here is an example of things people tell you to do in a real estate transaction you should never do! This tip here is an important one so that you don’t end up messing up your home purchase. I always tell home buyers to continue their normal spending while under contract, but to not make any large purchases (and especially don’t take out any new credit!!) without talking to the lender first. Keeping your finances status quo for the 30-45 days you are under contract is hugely important. I’ve heard of many transactions with other agents that fell apart because a home buyer bought furniture, appliances, a new car, etc. while under contract not realizing it would derail their home buying! Don’t be one of those stories that real estate memes are made of—keep your finances status quo and save those big purchases for once your transaction is officially closed!

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