Styling Built - Ins

We love a beautifully styled built-in.⁠⠀
Decorating built-in bookshelves is a fantastic way to make a new house feel like home or completely refresh an existing home.⁠⠀
Check out our tips below on how to decorate shelving in order to be functional, clean, yet look finished⁠.⁠⠀
Varying shapes and sizes of your decor will further help to create contrast in your shelf design and therefore keep it interesting. Try adding a few items with sculptural qualities (eg. trophy urn or animal figurine) to add additional character.⁠⠀
Layering items in your vignettes will help to create depth and dimension. Instead of placing items side-by-side, layer them in front of one another (eg. layer a small photo frame in front of art) or try stacking items (eg. a small plant on top of a couple of books).⁠⠀
Over-styling your shelves will tire the eye and make your space feel cluttered. Leave areas of blank space between your vignettes to give the eye an opportunity to rest.⁠⠀
⁠Personalize your shelves with things that you and your family love, even if it doesn’t end up looking Pinterest worthy. Some suggestions are old favourite books, family photos and greenery.⁠⠀

Photo + Design Credit : Oakstone Homes

We’d love to know what you think of these tips, so let us know below!⠀

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