LOW Housing Inventory; What does this mean for you?

LOW Inventory! Insane Market! Sellers Market! No Homes for sale! You’ve heard me talk about these different phrases but may not fully know how these things actually affect you. In this weeks At Home with Heather, I take a look back into the past (pre-pandemic) real estate stats vs where they are today and break them down. These numbers are a great indicator as to what’s going on in real estate. Some of the numbers may even shock you as they did me! If you are thinking of selling, I can tell you after digging into the stats now is hands down the best time for you to get the most money and terms from your sale. If you are thinking of staying put, this means you are in an incredibly strong equity position either for whenever you do decide to sell or if you decide to take advantage of your equity for upgrades at some point. Either way, this low inventory market has created massive amounts of equity for homeowners. If you own a home, I can guarantee your home is worth more (likely considerably more) than when you bought it, even if it was only in the last couple of years. If you would like to know how much equity you have gained, DM me and I will put together personalized numbers for you!

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