How To Create A Fall Looking Living Room

When the long, hot days of Summer transition to Fall’s cooler and shorter temperatures, we naturally seek a cozy environment where we can relax and feel warmth. Sometimes the little things make all the difference when it comes to transitioning your home for the Fall Season. We are going to concentrate on the main room in your home where everyone gathers and finds the most comfort in. Below we have 5 ways to make your living room feel like Fall.

Nothing is cozier than snuggling into a pile of pillows on the couch. Use warmer colors and cozier fabrics for fall and winter. Pack away the light bright and breezy until spring.

When in doubt, layer pumpkins. An assortment of pumpkins in a range of hues is a failsafe way to transition your home for the fall season. Place them on a bookshelf, mantle or a coffee table for a fun look.

Similar to the throw pillows, whether you’re using bold colors or neutrals, stick with warmer tones. A flannel blanket is great for fall! The pattern is reminiscent of the season and it’s super warm! Faux fur blankets are really popular right now too. 

Dress up a living room mantle with everything from brass candlesticks to an assortment of potted plants. Add color with small floral arrangements that embody the season.

If you want to bring a Fall element to your living room but don't want to deal with extra pillows or throws, bring color into your room another way. Group together a cluster of squat pumpkins in varying shades and sizes, and then mix candle sticks in wooden holders throughout the grouping. If you’re not a fan of the wood, try using lanterns as a unique fall décor piece.

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