Don't Wish it was Easier

When things are going well everything seems great, but when things go off the rails it's tempting to think "Why are things so hard? Can't things just be ???????". ⁠⠀

I love this quote because it flips that thought on its head and provides perspective. We want easy, but easy doesn't offer growth. Easier is the wrong goal to have. Circumstances can be tough, but how they change us on the other side makes the struggle worth it. ⁠⠀
When I think back on some of the toughest things I've faced, I can see how God used each hard experience to refine me and make me ??????:⁠⠀
➡️Better prepared to face the next adversity⁠⠀
➡️Better prepared to help someone going through similar struggles⁠⠀
➡️Better prepared to seek the good in every situation⁠⠀
➡️Better prepared to serve others⁠⠀
➡️Better prepared to be patient in the waiting⁠⠀
Now I'll be honest here. This is not ?????? my perspective. Lately I've found myself whining and complaining about "hard things" more often than not (sorry to all if you who have had to put up with my bad attitude !)Maybe that's why this quote resonated with me so well. ⁠⠀
I hope you find some encouragement to remember you can do hard things and that you are reminded the goal is to grow + become better, not to take away the struggle. ⁠⠀
Can you relate to this quote? I'd love to know any examples of how you pushed through a tough situation and became better on the other side.⁠⠀

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