Destined to be Drunk, Divorced, Fat or All Three in Real Estate

Can you believe she actually said that to me??

I always want to keep it real with you— the reality is having a real estate business can be tough! It takes a lot of time and energy + can come with a lot of frustrations and rejection. 

After 5 years in business I get where she was coming from. She was tired. She was overwhelmed by the ups and downs of the business. 

While I empathize with this, I want to remind you all, real estate agent or not, don’t allow others to speak into your life like this. Negative statements like this are toxic and can eat at you if you let it.

Don’t be that person who spreads toxic messages like this and don’t be the person who allows statements like this to take root in your mind. 

Keep pushing out the negative—we all know there’s enough of that in the world already!

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