Are we in a Housing Bubble??

When it comes to real estate, the number one thing you’ll hear about these days on the news is whether or not we are in a housing bubble.

As my coach @tomferry alway says, “headlines do more to terrify than to clarify”. If you read the articles attached to those headlines you’ll quickly learn it’s click bait. Reputable economists and housing experts are not predicting a crash.

Here in this video I outline the main reasons we aren’t expecting a crash. Now of course what I didn’t say is that we aren’t expecting any changes. The real estate market is constantly shifting and evolving and now is no different.

We have had record high appreciation for the last several years and while we aren’t expecting a “crash” or depreciating home values, we are expecting a shift to a more balanced market with more typical appreciation.

All of you who are waiting to buy until prices drop, I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s unlikely anytime soon. As I’ve said countless times over the last couple of years, you will pay less for a home today than you will in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years from now.

If you’ve debated about whether now is the time for you to make the move you’ve been contemplating, DM me and let’s chat about your options and whether it makes sense for you to do so now or to wait.

I’m curious, after watching the video do you agree we won’t experience a crash, but rather a more balanced market?


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